Here you are right! I am a lawyer with 15 years of experience and success in the representation of interests in the Swiss Parliament and the Federal administration of Switzerland. With me on your side you’ll achieve your aims.

Knowledge and skills for you

Expertises and Knowledge for enterprises, associations or organisations

You represent an enterprise, an association or an institution and you need:

  • Networking within the Federal administration of Switzerland and the Swiss Parliament
  • Strategies and measures to achieve your aims on the national level
  • Project planning and project management
  • Consultancy for the configuration of political processes
  • Support in case of exposure to regulatory and supervisory authorities of Switzerland
Expertises and Knowledge for polititians

You are a politician and you need:

  • Planning of strategies and measures for your political positioning
  • Scientific assistance such as development of statements, public speeches, and Q&As
  • Professional search and elaboration of your accurately fitting position
  • Advice in case of communicational challenges and-ad-hoc-support round the clock
  • Training of verbal exchanges in the media and coaching of your public appearance

Performance for you

I arrange your informations

The amount of data and the complexity of information are growing. I make sure that your message carries weight. Whether you are a politician, head of a company or an association: I get quickly a substantial overview. That’s how you create a distinctive, reliable profile and persuasive power.

I get you in the door

Personal relationships and discretion are the key to success. In Switzerland I dispose of a broad personal network and I get you in touch to the right personalities. With me you’ll find the adequate responsible and the full attention for your goals. Whether in public authorities, institutions or political parties: I know the political process and the people in power and I get you new options and opportunities. 

I show you the way

The density of regulations is growing, there is little scope left. Delegate your projects and your work of planning to me. Whether on national level, in the face of regulation authorities or in public: I show you a practicable way to achieve your aims and I develop well-fitting strategies for you.

Professional experience for you

As a lawyer in different leading positions I dispose of a deep experience in leading projects in the following sectors: public prosecution, police, army, border guard, health care, social insurance, construction, road traffic and corporate governance. I familiarize myself easily with new issues, I am creative in finding solutions, persistent, inquisitive, systematic and quick.

Employment history

  • 10 years: Secretary General of Suva (the biggest accident insurance company of Switzerland, Lucerne). Knowledge of the Swiss healthcare system, corporate governance, risk management, data protection, and political representation of interests within the Swiss Parliament and the Federal administration of Switzerland.
  • 1 year: Project leader in developing a concept for border controls in case of an accession of Switzerland to the European security area (Schengen-Agreement) for Christoph Blocher, Swiss Federal Counselor, Berne.
  • 4 years: Project leader for USIS (project for the examination of the system of public safety of Switzerland) at the Federal office of police. Harmonization of the inhomogeneous situation for police and security authorities in Switzerland for Ruth Metzler, Swiss Federal Counselor, Berne.
  • 3 years: Head of security and traffic police at the city of St. Gallen.
  • 6 years: Public Prosecutor, Chur.
  • Lawyer, University of Fribourg
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